Information Security : Information security means protecting information and information systems from unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption, modification or destruction. (Wikipedia)

Security is the process of risk assessment, mitigation and long term governance strategy development relative to your most critical data, systems and business process

  • Begins with identification of risk to data and business through rigorous audits & assessments
  • This drives the short term verification and mitigation activities
  • Based on the identified risks and immediate remediation, long term policy and governance strategies are developed

We like to think of it as several building blocks, stacked with the support of  each other – driven by business professionals like you, with trusted and experienced advisers such as us. And we line up our best resources to provide you with all our experience and insight.

  • Leadership Team provides experience, direction and criteria for success of the engagement.
  • Interface with the client to provide accurate and up to date information.
  • Management Team provides secondary level direction to the engagement personnel.
  • Experience and technical direction from years of field experience. Responsible for the first level of Quality Assurance for deliverables.
  • Highly skilled technical personnel provide the execution phase and well planned testing.
  • Draft deliverables and address all input from the client, as well as direction from the management and leadership team.
  • Combined experience of over 20 years in Information Technology, over 15 years in Information Security and 10+ years of IT consulting at some of the biggest firms in the world.
  • Dealt with a wide range of application and infrastructure solutions and design implementations.
  • Led several compliance and gap assessments, as well as hundreds of detailed technical assessments over the past decade.
  • Unsurpassed combination of industry experience and in depth technical knowledge of the current Information Technology and Information Security terrain.